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Label & Flexible Packaging & Film Expo China 

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Label & Flexible Packaging Expo China 2017

Date:2018-11-20 15:11:27

October 18-20, 2017        
Hall B1& C1
Suzhou International Expo Center,
688 E. Suzhou Avenue, Suzhou industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiang Su Province, P.R.China.
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Organized by
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
Shanghai Lanjing Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Suzhou Grandeur Lanjing Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Shanghai Grandeur Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Support by
Shanghai Printing Trade Association
Jiangsu Printing Trade Association
Zhejiang Printing Trade Association
Suzhou Printing Trade Association
Wenzhou Printing Trade Association
The Printing Technology Association of China
The Flexographic Printing Branch of China Printing Technology Association
Guangdong Foreign Economic Trade enterprise Association 
Printed Electronics &Smart Packaging Industry Federation (In arrangement)
WinTech Media
Organizer Contact
Shanghai Lanjing Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Add: Room 1010, Jiazheng International Building, No.28 Moyu Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, 201805
TEL: 021-6917-0015/0019/0023/0031
Label & Flexible Packaging Expo China 2017
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About exhibition:
With the development of regional economic development, the label industry mainly concentrated in the district of the Yangtze River Delta and East China (Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian) and the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai rim region, and  Flexible packaging industry mainly concentrated in Hebei xiongxian, Anhui Tongcheng Jiangsu, Jiangyin, Wenzhou Longgang, Shantou anbu.
Suzhou has developed economy, excellent culture and special location, it can provide convenience for the label and flexible package.
We will devote to build the East China area most influential and professional label of flexible packaging printing exhibition platform, the LFP 2017 will be worth to take part in the second half of the exhibition in eastern of China. The exhibition will contain end user in different industries, for example, food, medicine, cosmetic, personal care, electronic and so on. It will also extend to the end user. The organizer  warmly welcome domestic and international exhibitors and visitors coming to the show.
High lights:
Ø The biggest exhibition of label and flexible package in the eastern of China
Ø Suzhou has developed economy, excellent culture and special location
Ø It will be a banquet for the printing printers, packing processors, food factories, medicines and personal care plants.
Target visitors:
Ø Printing printers, label printers, packaging printers.
Ø Food, pharmaceutical, personal care and other end users
Ø Wine, beverage, personal care and terminal manufacturers
Ø Designers of labels and packaging
Ø Label industry suppliers
Ø Flexible packaging suppliers
Exhibition scope:
Ø Label printing equipment
Ø Flexible packaging equipment
Ø Prepress equipment
Ø Paper and film
Ø Digital equipment
Ø The detection, printing and labeling equipment
Ø Servicing equipment
Ø The bar code and code system
Ø Security solution supplier
Ø RFID, smart label, electronics label.
Ø Printing and packaging software
Ø Industry service
Promotional activities
Ø Promoting in the exhibition (China printing 2017 / China plastic 2017 / China Beauty Expo 2017 / AIFE 2017)
Ø Cooperative promotion with Industry magazine, industry website, Association.
Ø Promoting in the industry forum and conference.
Ø Domestic and international call center.
Ø E-news letter, direct mail.
Ø Directly mailing the exhibition tickets.
Charging standard
Standard booth: (3m x 3m)
Domestic enterprise:RMB 12800   
standard features:Boarding, company name board, two chairs, 220V socket(1), garbage bin (1), lock desk(1), spot lights(3), carpet (1).
Clearing price
RMB 1200 /㎡ (<70 ㎡)
RMB 1050 /㎡(71-150㎡)
RMB 900/㎡  (>151㎡)
If you choose the space more than 18㎡, please build it yourself.  
Ø If you have understood the exhibition details, please fill out the "application form" and sign stamp, then return it to the organizer (Lanjing), after examination and confirmation, please arrange to our bank account in 3 days, and send copy of remittance to the Organizer for verification.
Ø After receiving the exhibition fees, the organizer will send the exhibitors manual in the first two months before the exhibition.
Floor plan

About Organizers

Shanghai Lanjing Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is a professional organizer that organize and co-organize kinds of exhibitions, conferences, events, sport match and other activities, it can also provide industry precision integrated marketing, overseas marketing promotion and high-quality outbound travel services. Most of the customers  are government organizations, industry associations and some medium sized enterprises who are  interested in exploring international market. It has good relationship with the printing and packaging industry association, it has plenty of experiences in organizing exhibition activities. It has abundant resources about suppliers and     printing printers, it is devoted to build a professional platform for labels and flexible packaging industry.

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group is built in 2014. It ‘s developed from Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Co., Ltd who is built in 2002. With a long term development, now it’s one of the biggest exhibition group in industry. It can provide display engineer, media advertising, conference forums, event planning, general aviation industry, yacht services, etc.

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