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Blue Whale Coffee, the “Net Red Coffee” is coming to Shanghai!

Date:2019-11-20 11:11:53

Blue Whale Coffee, the “Net Red Coffee” is coming to Shanghai!
On August 17, the pluralistic and cross-industrial Opening Ceremony of Blue Whale Coffee was successfully held in Shanghai Blue Whale LANJING-Aiduo Café with nearly 50 identical guests from multiple industries such as printing, exhibition, advertising, finance, education, law, insurance, media, outdoor, coffee and many other industries attended.


Ribbon-cutting Ceremony
The opening ceremony began at 10:28 a.m. We invited Mr. He Congyou, Vice President and engineer of Shanghai Zidan Printing Co., Ltd. / Honorary President of Shanghai Alumni Association in Printing and Packaging Department of Wuhan University, Ms. Wang Jing, leader of Conference and Exhibition major of Economics & Management of Shanghai Institute of Technology, Ms. Hu Lin, leader of Shanghai Aiduo Coffee, and Mr. Li Hongtao, the General Manager of Shanghai Lanjing Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., as our special guests at the ceremony. After cutting the ribbon, warm applause broke out at the scene. This ceremony opens a new chapter in Blue Whale Coffee and a brilliant future for its vigorous development.
Industry Elite
After the ceremony, all the guests went into the cafe room to attend the Blue Whale Coffee Exchange this morning. Mr. Li Hongtao, General Manager of Shanghai Lanjing Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. and founder of Blue Whale Expo/Blue Whale Coffee, shared his story with coffee and showed the wonderful visions of the future of Label & Flexible Packaging & Film Expo, which is just held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. With 12,028 professional visitors, 162 exhibitors, 4 special forums, a 350 people's congress and awards ceremony, Blue Whale Expo once again attracted huge attention and stirred up Shanghai. The rich contents and designs of  Digital & Flexo Printing Area, CSMA Area, Printing & Culture Innovation Area and Excellent Printing Enterprises Area also surprised everyone at scene.
Then, Mr. Li Hongtao introduced the following events of Blue Whale in the second half of 2019.
From September 2- 9, Lanjing Media will co-operate with Yinsou Media, Longkun Media and Shanghai Huazhan in holding the " 108km Gobi Hiking Challenge Competition in Packaging and Printing Industry in 2019", which is expected for every industrial elite’s participation. During this event, elites from all over the world will have a great time talking about future plannings and challenging themselves while enjoying the great scenery. ( Deadline is on the end of September, we look forward to more industry friends to attend and challenge yourself .)
From September 22 - 29, Lanjing Media will be the sponsor of the European Label Tour Group, leading the industry's friends to explore the top label technology in Europe and embark on the journey to Belgium. Taking the opportunity of this wonderful tourism, we will seek more in the learning and the discovery of future business chances around the world.
The 4th Blue Whale Expo will be launched on April 21 - 23, 2020 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. It covers a wide range of end-packaging applications in food and beverage, alcoholic products, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, electronics, etc., while fully extending in the field of labels and flexible packaging from material production to terminal utilization. More new technologies, new materials, new applications and new trends will be comprehensively interpreted, and enables exhibitors and visitors to achieve in-depth communication and exchanges in many aspects.

Mr. He Congyou (Vice President and engineer of Shanghai Zidan Printing Co., Ltd. / Honorary President of Shanghai Alumni Association in Printing and Packaging Department of Wuhan University) , Ms. Wang Jing (Leader of Conference and Exhibition major of Economics & Management of Shanghai Institute of Technology), and Mr. Wang Chunlei (Director of Sino-German Institute of International Conference and Exhibition of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics) made a brilliant speech about the application of labels in the industry and the importance of label exhibitions and all the guests benefit a lot.

With the end of Mr. Wang's sharing, the opening ceremony officially entered the third part: Blue Whale Coffee exchange interactive link, where our distinguished guests had a very harmonious atmosphere in experience exchange and sharing.

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