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[2020.04] China Packaging & Printing Industry News Flash

Date:2020-04-26 17:04:32

                                                                By Blue Whale Expo Committee
Yearly providing services for over 50 countries and regions, China’s packaging and printing industry is pulsing with great energy. Here are some of the hottest industry news in China this April presented to you by the organizer of Blue Whale Expo!
Ø April 10th, Guangdong Province released the latest revised list of industries exempted from environmental impact assessment, which has newly included the paper products industry.
Ø Following the latest national plastics ban issued this Jan., local governments like Hunan, Hebei, Qinghai, and etc, have also introduced their own restrictions. It’s believed that due to this nationwide trend, demand for paper-based packaging materials, such as ivory boards, test liners, corrugated papers, and etc, will see a new peak.
Ø Guangzhou Eco-environment Bureau is urging 396 major polluting enterprises to comply to the VOCs emission regulations, in order to effectively reduce VOCs emission and improve the city’s air quality by the end of this June.
Ø According to the 13th five-year development goal for the parcel industry, in 2020 China’s parcel volume will reach 70 billion, and the number of parcels shipped per capita will grow from 0.01 in 2000 to about 50 in 2020. At this rate, in 2025 China will consume around 41 million tons of parcel packaging materials.
Ø Hexing Packaging Printing, China’s No.1 packaging company by revenue in 2019, has recently secured a 1-year packaging materials deal with logistic company Cainiao’s Hangzhou subsidiary. The contract came into effect on this April 1st.
Ø 3 leading packaging and printing companies announced new factories in Dongguan this April, and details are as follows.

Company Name Investment Estimated Production Capacity/Output Value
Jinjia Group 30 million yuan 52.5 million offset printing cartons
Xianjunlong Printing 1 billion yuan 1.3 billion yuan
Hoifu Paper Products 1.5 billion yuan 1.9 billion yuan

Ø A score of China’s packaging and printing companies released their 2019 annual reports this month, and here are part of them:

Company Name Revenue (Million Yuan) YoY Growth Main Products
ENPACK 1170 42.91% EOE products
Jiamei Food Packaging 2624 -11.36% Beverage cans & cartons
New Grand Long Packing (NGL) 423.5 50.97% Tobacco Packing
Jinjia Group 3988 18.22% High-end printed packages and packing materials
Hongbo Co., Ltd. 622 -11.86% Security printing, packaging, color printing
Jihong Group 3002 32.34% Packaging
Tungkong Inc. 1500 -2.92% Tickets and security printing, smart cards, RFID, data processing and bill production, color printing, labels, and etc.
MYS Group 3392 4.41% Heavy duty packaging, transport packaging, display packaging, and etc.
Global Printing 1257 126.37% Folding medicine paper boxes
Prince New Materials 1325 45.4%  Packaging materials

For more information about China’s packaging & printing industry and market, please don’t hesitate to join Blue Whale Expo this Aug.!
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